Friday, August 7, 2009

I Am A Craft Brewer

This is a call out to all who see fit that enough is enuff. This era of bland beer in America and around the world must come to an end. The beers here in Texas and all around the nation are getting more Real, with better ingredients, quality and a mind for local and green thinking. If you have not seen the video with the title of this blog, than go on Vimeo or YouTube and watch it. It was made by Greg Koch of Stone Brewing fame, and features craft brewers from all over. From pioneers like Ken Gossling of Sierra Nevada, to men and women fighting through to the future. People like Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, and Adam Avery of Avery Brewing. It also tells the tale of how all of these people in this community of Craft Brewers, isn't going to take it lying down any longer. This is a call to all in the sound of my blog; that we need to take up the reigns of killing fascist beer styles, to stop accepting adjuncts and hop oils, and get back to the kind of beer that made Ben Franklyn say, "Beer is proof that G-d loves us and wants us to prosper." We need to tell people that we know and love about good beer, and be unashamed about our zealous for Real Beer. We need to get back to the days when beer was a part of the American household, part of family activates. Not the perception that it has where it is for uneducated frat boys, underage kids, rednecks at NASCAR races, and people who are too dumb to see the complexity of wine. Beer and the beer culture are now driving forward with exponential strides, and have caught up and surpassed all misconceived notions about it and its culture. Replacing wine in five star eateries, paring with foods with greater deft and ease than any wine out there, and becoming the thing that is making the American way of life just a little bit better for us all at a fraction of the cost of vino. We the proud purveyors and consumers of Real Beer say enough with the so called "True Pilsner Taste", "Banquet Beers", and "Unique Beachwood Aging". Forward with the rise of the Brett Pack, real oak aging, extreme beers, and the constant, unrelenting, drive of the American Dream. We must never compromise our integrity, quality of the beers we make buy and drink, never bend to the mega-corporation’s will for our drinking habits, or fall to guise trickery or the shine of the "all mighty dollar" at the cost of our souls. If this writing makes me seem mad or like I am a bit of a zealot; count me in. I am mad at the BCM's and their systematic takeover of the American beer market only to sell out to the highest bidder. None of these companies have been interested in anything of quality in over fifty years. Only increasing shareholders profits and how to wedge out competition. Craft brewer is not just a tag or misnomer. It is a way of life, of doing business, and of dealing with the market at hand. Working against the system set in place, instead of trying to put out a brewery with only a hand-full of accounts. Even we as consumers can make a change in the way all of these breweries do business. By not buying anything, or anything associated with, the big three breweries. Paying a bit more for a better beer, and the sustainability of the Real American way of life. Yall may call me crazy, but I am just passionate. Drink Local Craft Beer. Support your local brewery and stay away from brewers trying to get you to settle for lowest common denominator beer. 

Texas Born, Bred, Brewed and Proud:

  Robert "The Jew"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Call to Friendlies

This is a call to all friendly peoples in the entire world that care about real beer. No more adjuncts. No more BS commercials or ads showing modles on beaches. Only real beer. Trub in the brewing world is the sediment left at the bottom of the ferment tank at the end of fermentation. But the (T.R.U.B) Movement has nothing to do with bottom of the barrel. We are a movement that is bent on destroying facist beer styles. Mainly Bud, Miller, and Coors. (BCM's) I am of course going to mostly focus on Texas beer to start with, but I am not small minded or elitist. I care about all beer that is made with love care and real fresh ingrediants. We are (T.R.U.B)-Texas Real/UnReal Beer. We fight for beer laws that don't just increase the share margin for middle men distributers and Conglomo Beer. Rather laws that help the customer get the kind or beer brand and style that they want with the only restrictions coming from the breweries ability to make enough beer. Especially in Texas this is hard with old outdated beer laws that date back to the day when brewers had to sell ice cream and "hopped malted barley extract" to stay alive when the people turned against them. We want fair inter/extra-state trade for all brewers; in Texas and abroad. Alabama, Georgia, and even Morman Utah have recently lifted old beer laws that restricted many things and were hypocritical at best. We want Texas to be as renound as the great brewing states of California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and New England states. Will you not join the fight to help out the brewers and the consumers (you) to get Real/UnReal Beer to Texans and Texas Real/UnReal Beer to the rest of the U.S.

Texas Born, Bred, Brewed, and Proud

         Robert "The Jew" Neal